Tips On Choosing The Right Bug Deflector For Your Vehicle

Bug Deflector

Bug Deflector

Bug deflectors, or bug shields, are becoming more common every year. Used almost exclusively on trucks, SUVs, and tractor trailer rigs, they help to deflect a huge amount of insects from hitting the windshields of the vehicles they’re on. They usually go right on the leading edge of the hood, where they can cause an extreme updraft of air that helps the insects to fly right over the top of the truck.

Bug Shields Also Protect The Leading Edge Of The Hood From Stones

Besides deflecting insects, the other main purpose of a deflector shield is to block the hundreds of tiny pebbles that will make small pox marks on the front edge of the hood. Nearly every road has thousands of tiny rocks and pebbles that get kicked up by large trucks and their tires, which are then flung at high velocity into the cars behind them.

When Shopping For A Bug Deflector It’s Best To Get The Custom Fit

There will be universal fit deflectors at the local auto parts store, but for the most part, they won’t fit well. They might fit a few very common trucks, in a few popular years, but they’ll make compromises that will make them less effective. They’ll be slightly less curved, maybe a little shorter, and the brackets won’t be made just for your vehicle.

If you order the custom fit model it will be made just for your truck and for the same year of manufacture. It will go completely out to the edges of the hood, and be form-fitted to deflect the air perfectly as well. The brackets will also be made more specifically for just your model, so they’ll fit better, hold more securely and will be easier to install.

Most Deflector Companies Make A Wide Range Of Colors

You don’t necessarily have to get your bug shield the same color as your car, many people opt for clear or smokey colored ones so they’ll match the windows or trim of the vehicle instead. Be aware that while doing their job they’ll get plenty of bugs piled up on them, and some colors show the bugs more than others.

If you have a choice of materials, you should always pick the most durable that is available. Lexan is high strength and very scratch resistant at the same time. Remember, this shield will be getting pelted by high-velocity bugs and rocks every minute that you’re driving. Plus it will have to endure cleaning with strong cleaners to cut through the tar, bugs and dirt that will accumulate there. It’s also a good idea to wax the deflector, this keeps many kinds of road grime from adhering to the plastic.

When you go to the store to choose your deflector or shield, always take your truck so that you can compare the available models on your car and see how they look and fit. Even if they have to order your particular color, it’s good to check the fit before you order so you know you’ll be happy when it arrives.

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