Try Out One Of The Best Italian Restaurants In Coral Gables

Italian Restaurant Food

Italian Restaurant Food

Coral Gables, like most cities in Florida, has some great restaurants. Coral Gables is a great place to raise a family, a great place to retire and a great place to vacation. It’s the complete package, and you can’t beat Florida beaches. There are plenty of things for you to get into all over the state, but let’s concentrate on Coral Gables, specifically great Italian restaurants in Coral Gables.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gets my first look as I see what they have to offer. The simple fact they serve up coal fired pizza is enough to win you over, right? They also serve up delicious chicken wings evidently, have great drink specials and also offer salads. So what’s up next on the list? Let’s look at a top Italian restaurant in Coral Gables that is great for its Italian dishes like lasagna, chicken fettuccine alfredo and more.

What about the Italian restaurant Fratellino that serves up great Italian bread, some great bruschetta, a wonderful selection of authentic Italian dishes and even a great apple tart you might want to try for dessert. This is the real deal here, one reviewer even saying that the restaurant was quite a realistic experience of what it would be like to eat at a restaurant in Italy. That’s an authentic Italian experience, more than just about the food.

That’s the way it is at one of the Italian restaurants I really like where I live in Myrtle Beach. The entire experience is made to be special, with even an accordion performer walking around. The restaurant is always buzzing, yet no one is getting extremely loud or anything. It’s a fun atmosphere, and since this restaurant makes me think of the one I just described in Coral Gables, Fratellino, I would probably choose to go to Fratellino first. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza got my first look, but Fratellino would get my first visit.

The next Italian restaurant in Coral Gables on the list is Caffe Abbracci, which is a very unique place. This eatery serves up some great veal dishes and traditional Italian food along with outside of the box choices with fish and black lobster. Now doesn’t that sound like a treat? I would have to go check out this one in Coral Gables just for that reason I think.

And then there is Fontana. Fontana serves up caviar and grilled octopus. They also serve up a great eggs benedict, but of course they have regular Italian dishes, too. The reviews about this restaurant also talk about a courtyard setting and great architecture. This restaurant can be found inside one of the top hotels, the Biltmore Hotel.

Which Italian restaurant represents the type of place you would want to visit for the best Italian cuisine? If you have time while on vacation, or if you’re local, then you should try them all. But you have to start somewhere, so which is it? I told you I would probably go with Fratellino first.

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