Benefits Of Choosing In-Home Dog Boarding Services While On Vacation

dog boardingAs a pet owner, you should never leave your dog alone at home without supervision as that can land you in all sorts of trouble. However, it’s not feasible to skip taking a business trip or avoid ever going on vacation because of your pooch. A great way to circumvent problems is by choosing reliable in-home dog boarding services in your area.

Dog kennels are cold and your pet is basically locked in a cage all day, but when you find the right dog boarding service, your pet is taken care of in a friendly home environment. That means your pet gets to lounge on the couch, eat right, and get the right amount of human interaction. Here are some reasons to choose dog boarding services:

Less Anxiety For Your Pet

If you were thinking like a dog, where would you rather be? In a cold metal cage with minimal interaction or a warm and loving home environment? Most likely the latter option sounds most appealing, so it makes to book your dog’s stay in welcoming environment.

Pets tend to get anxious and nervous in an unknown environment, which means that when your dog is ready to go home with you, you can expect your pet will be under-exercised, wound-up, and hyper. Leaving your dog with another fellow pet owner makes more sense as your dog will get personalized attention.

Your Pet Needs Proper Exercise

It is unhealthy for your dog not to get daily exercise, but the unfortunate reality is that when you choose a dog kennel for boarding purposes, they run a tight schedule. That means your dog will most likely not get enough exercise! However, by placing your dog with a professional boarding service, you can rest assured your pet will be well cared for, will get plenty of exercise and can have the additional benefit of human interaction.

Personalized Feeding Schedule

Another advantage of dog boarding is that the person running the service will ensure that your pet is fed on a regular basis. Should your dog have any dietary needs that need to be met, you can let the pet boarder know. Most kennels make note of feeding requirements, but they generally don’t have the manpower or the ability to pay attention to each pet they take in.

Regular Attention Is Paid To Your Pet

With a boarding kennel, there isn’t much of a chance that anyone will interact with your pet or will pay attention to his or her needs. If you have an older or sick pet that needs regular care, it’s important to find a boarding service provider that will ensure that your pet gets the necessary medication for optimal health.

There are plenty of dog boarding services you can choose from, but it’s important to pick the one that you feel you can trust. Meanwhile, the Internet can help you narrow down your search, it also makes sense to pay attention to your “gut feelings”.

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